The Strength behind Our Name

Alpine breezes, pure rainwater and subtropical sunshine rain down upon green grass and rich clover pastures. Sheep are free to roam freely throughout these pastures, so there is no need to use antibiotics, hormones or growth promotants of any kind. Once you taste our New Zealand and Australian lamb you will begin to understand how the perfect environment of our wide, open pastures can create naturally flavorful lamb. We are proud to offer an impressive array of premium quality lamb and related protein products year round that is unsurpassed in taste and tenderness.

For over 40 years The Lamb Company has been supplying the North American market with superior lamb products. What makes us unique is that we work directly with our lamb farmers and processors to offer you the highest quality products at prices that represent good value. This also enables our farmers to continue raising these premium quality lambs using environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming practices. To learn more about our portfolio of products contact us today!