New Zealand and Australian Products

The Lamb Company is proud to bring you the best quality lamb from around the globe, but lamb isn't the only meat we focus on. We also import premium quality beef, venison, goat, and mutton as well.

nz lamb

Our New Zealand Spring Lamb represents the very best in consistent quality, robust flavor, and availability year round.

Naturally tender, our grass-fed Spring Lamb products feature the delicate flavor and texture that New Zealand lamb lovers have come to crave. Due to its grass-fed diet, this lamb is naturally leaner and features a fresh flavor that is unrivaled. Equally delicious from the skillet, roasting pan or the grill, these products are the ultimate in versatility and adapt to just about any flavor or cuisine of your choice.

aus lamb

Opal Valley Australian Premium Lamb is the epitome of what Australian Lamb should be. Grown in large free-range pastures, Opal Valley brand lamb features our largest cuts of lamb. Like all of our other products, our Australian lamb is completely free of growth promotants and additives, so you can rest assured knowing that you are using pure lamb from a pure environment.

Australia has focused on raising sheep and lamb for over 200 years, so they've developed the best methods and technology to consistently deliver a world-class product. Australian farmers have found specific breeds of sheep that thrive in Australia's environment. These breeds are typically larger than those founds in New Zealand and Uruguay. Because of the larger size, our signature cuts in our Opal Valley feature a meatier flavor and provide an impressive focal point to any plate presentation.

Our Fresh New Zealand Lamb products are exactly what you would expect, the freshest quality lamb from New Zealand.

This product is never frozen, allowing you the convenience of being ready to cook at any time. Our Fresh New Zealand Lamb comes from the pure, pristine, natural pastures that are signature to New Zealand. Here, our lambs are able to roam freely and graze on lush fresh grasses.

Our Fresh New Zealand Lamb has no added growth promotants or antibiotics. The reason is simple: our farmers want to raise our lambs as naturally as they can. Because our lambs are able to spread out in large, wide-open pastures, there is little risk of disease. This results in healthier, stress-free lambs with a taste as pure as the environment they are raised in.


We also specialize in all-natural, farm-raised venison from New Zealand. Consistent in tenderness and sizing with a mild flavor, the Four Seasons Cervena venison is from New Zealand Red Deer aged 3 years and under.

Natually raised with no steroids or hormones, the Four Seasons Cervena venison is low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Four Seasons Cervena Venison is a healthy choice and a good source of protein and iron.

Four Seasons Cervena Venison is versatile and easy-to-prepare as its clean, natural flavors can be used in nearly every cuisine.

Four Seasons Cervena Venison is available in a range of convenient cuts that are prepared and packaged to meet the needs of the most discerning cooks, whether in a restaurant or at home.