Naturally Healthy

forseasonsNew Zealand Venison is produced from the open pastures of New Zealand in a natural, free-range environment without the use of hormones or steroids. It's naturally healthy too, being low in fat, calories and cholesterol and with a great taste that has to be experienced.

New Zealand is an island nation of less than 4 million people in the South-West Pacific, blessed with a clean, natural environment. Its isolation provides protection from many pests and animal diseases common elsewhere and its mild climate and wide open spaces make New Zealand ideal for free-range, natural farming.

New Zealand Venison brings part of this clean, natural environment to you.

Simple and Versatile

Being so lean and naturally tender, New Zealand Venison takes little effort to prepare. It's best cooked quickly, over a high heat and served lightly and simply to make the most of its unique taste - quick, simple, and simply delicious - perfect for busy, modern lifestyles.

An incredibly versatile product, New Zealand Venison is perfect for any style of cuisine - its use is limited only by your imagination. Try it in a salad, in a stir-fry, atop a pizza, as a spicy satay or in your favourite pasta dish.

It's also ideal for the barbecue as a steak, medallions, or kebabs. Its versatility, ease of use and year-round availability make New Zealand Venison an ideal choice for any season.