Serves : 2 portions
Ingredients :
1 Lamb Racks 1
1/2 tsp Thyme 2 ml
1 tbsp Dijon-style Mustard 15 ml
2 oz Orange Marmalade 50 ml
1/2 tsp Grated Fresh Ginger, or Ground Ginger 2 ml
1/2 oz Brandy 15 ml
Directons :

Prepare rack for roasting. Rub with thyme and brush with mustard. Let stand 20 minutes or longer: racks may be prepared to this point early in the day. Roast in preheated, moderately hot oven (375°F/190°C) until desired internal temperature is reached or cook on a preheated grill, turning the rack several times during cooking: cooking time about 20 minutes for rare. Combine marmalade, ginger and brandy in a small pot and heat gently. Brush rack with mixture at the end of the cooking time and just before serving. Garnish with strips of orange peel or an orange twist.