Cook's Tip :
  • Always pre-heat the oven, grill, heavy fry pan or barbecue before cooking New Zealand Venison.
  • There is no need to marinate New Zealand Venison, which is naturally tender if cooked correctly. However, sauces or brief marinades may be used as an accompaniment or light flavour enhancement.
  • The most critical factor is not to overcook New Zealand Venison. Because it is so lean, overcooking may cause dryness. Cook New Zealand Venison quickly over high heat and serve rare or medium rare for maximum flavour and tenderness.
  • Rest venison after cooking either covered, or in a warm place, for 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the cut, before serving. This will allow natural juices to disperse evenly. Do not reheat New Zealand Venison unless it is in a casserole.
  • Like other meat, New Zealand Venison should not be eaten raw or undercooked during pregnancy or by people with weakened immune systems.