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Purchased Fresh Chilled

Remove New Zealand Venison from its bag packaging and allow it to stand for 15 to 20 minutes to regain its natural red colour.

Store in a refrigerator either brushed with oil and covered with plastic wrap or coated with dry spices and covered. Alternatively, immerse New Zealand Venison in oil with added herbs, garlic or chilies for extra flavours. New Zealand Venison should then retain its eating quality for up to 2 days. Note that the colour may darken over time, which occurs naturally due to exposure to air.

If purchased in a vacuum bag, New Zealand Venison should keep unopened for up to 2 weeks in most home refrigerators at 4°C and for up to 14 weeks from the date of packaging in commercial refrigerators or chillers if held at constant temperatures of -1°C +/- 0.5°C .

Raw meat must be stored below cooked food so there is no chance of it dripping on to other food.

Purchased Frozen

New Zealand Venison should keep for up to 2 years if held at a constant temperature of -18°C or below.

Thaw New Zealand Venison in the refrigerator. Allow 24 hours to thaw large packs (1-2 kg). Once defrosted, take it out of its packaging and let it stand for a few minutes to allow its natural red colour to return.